Labelling machine P.E. Labellers Modular Plus – 180.000 Euro

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13 February 2019
Air conveyors Simonazzi – 60.000 Euro
13 February 2019

Labelling machine P.E. Labellers Modular Plus

Price : 180.000 Euro/net

Year of production 2015

The labeller is adapted to two assortments of PET bottles – 1.5 L and 0.5 L.
Machine capacity 22.000 b / h

Additional information:

2 labelling stations of cold glue and 1 double pressure sensitive label station (for non stop operation) – application of 3 labels: front, back and shoulder;
camera bottle orientation – system BBULL; bottle plates controller with servomotors; central lubrication system Lincoln; labelling stations, worm screw and transfer starwheels controlled with servomotors