24 January 2019


  • Plc steering panel
  • Bottles ejector
  • Easy and fast change mould system
  • Machine realize stretch movements by means of servo drives
  • Automatic perform feeder
  • One set of 6 cavities blowing moulds
  • Automatic preform feeder

Auxiliary equipment:

  • Chiller for mould
  • Set of compressors

Technical Specifications

Utility requirements

Installed power

Number of cavities


Calculated output

For 0,5 – 1,0L*



* For symmetrical simple shape

7600 bph



Total installed power, standard setup

Electric cable

Power protection

160 kW

5 x 125 mm2

3 x 250 A

Product dimensions

Infra-red heating system-9 zones

132 kW

Operation & feeding system section

28 kW

Preform length

70-165 mm

Power supply

(different voltage – to agree)

230/400 V +/- 10
Preform diameter

18-35 mm


(different frequency – to agree)

50 Hz +/- 1%

Neck height

9-27 mm

Power consumption for 1,5L Approx. 85 kW

Bottle height

345 mm

Cooling water

Bottle diameter


105 mm

112 mm

Cooling capacity

20000 kcal/h

Bottle volume

0,25-2,5 l

Water temperature

8-12 °C

Equipment dimensions, LxWxH

Flow rate

up to 4,5 m3/h

Blowing module

L6700 x W2400 x H3250


3-5 bar


Compressed air


8600 kg

Validity of these consumptions: at a temperature of 20 °C and at 0 – 500 m altitude

blowing module section

7500 kg

40 bar air consumption

Preform infeed section

1100 kg

For 1,5 liters bottle 7500 b/h

(at 38 bar blowing pressure)

600 Nm3/h

Environment conditions

10 bar (service air) consumption 65 Nm3/h

Environment temperature range

+15 ºC to +40 ºC

Air terminal 40 bar

Air terminal 10 bar

G 1”

G 1”

Noise level

83 dB

The above figures are dependant on preform / bottle design and grade of PET

General information

The Super Blow 8000E machine is a linear system for production of pet bottles, where the most updated technologic developments have been applied to all major machine sections. Thanks to that, we have obtained the high quality and capacity of final product. The servo-drives are applied on the following: mold closing system, stretching system, main carriage transport system, preforms positioning systems.

Using the servo drives instead of pneumatic ones, has the following advantages:

  • The pressure fluctuations does not influence the machine’s working parameters
  • High stability and repeatability of the process and subsequently, of the final product
  • Lower utilization costs


mechanical crane system, powered by servo-drives for closing system with pressure compensation

Electric drive is more technologically advanced then pneumatic drive, specially on account of exploitation costs (lack of air use and easy wearing parts) and action precision. A pressure compensation unit eliminates entirely the possibility of a mould putting out during blowing, even after a long exploitation

automatic measurement of preform and mould height by servo-drives, stretch

Stretch unit with use of servo drives is absolutely incomparable with pneumatic solution. Its advantages are: possibility of quick change of drive parameters (speed, offset, pitch), possibility of adjustment for different moulds or preforms types from operator’s panel. Such unit is necessary when using more then one mould and preform type, is precise in exploitation and cheap in operating costs

elimination function of incorrectly blown or cracked bottle with no any production process break

That unit uses a pressures control during blowing process. When a bottle is not tightened so not blown correctly or its cracked while it was blown, the unit reacts and sets aside such a bottle via a side chute, not stopping machine work. It is very useful function as defect bottles penetration into the line can cause its stoppage or even filler breakdown

stabilization system and preform temperature control system with thermo cameras IR usage

Preform temperature is checked very carefully as it is a main parameter, that affects correctness of bottle blowing and its repeatability. Cameras check the temperature of preform not heating chamber and they check it during several stages of heating process, thanks to that we have exact temperature distribution on preform. It is crucial for bottle strength. PET crystal structure reaches the biggest value of strength in a very limited temperature range so the suitable level of temperature is important for correct bottle strength.

function: „saving energy” of the oven

While preforms are not infed during some continuous time, the machine switches on stand-by mode to save electric current and not to overheat machine parts. When preforms infeed mode is on, the machine goes back to suitable parameters of heating oven work

proportional valves for preliminary blowing control

Preliminary blowing pressure level correctness is second important characteristic (after heating) having influence on right bottle shape and process repeatability. Proportional valves use to the pressure control is responsible for its stability in range 0,1 bar.

touch-screen panel 10” with auto-diagnostics of machine

Descriptions were replaced by pictograms so each alert can be recognized without any problems or every function switched on. Every movement is, of course, connected to its critical message, which is exposed during breakdown as a small picture

machine parameters’ memory for particular bottles’ sizes

It allows for quick selection of a suitable machine mode parameter to relevant container’s type, e.g. bottle 0,5l preform x, bottle 1,5l – preform y etc. Operating man does not have to adjust any parameters after container’s type replacement as all of them are recorded in suitable memory cells: e.g. heating parameters (including infrared cameras to stabilization control), blowing parameters, including such important ones like: preliminary blowing level, stretch parameters (including speed, offset, pitch) or even a machine general capacity in b/h

flowing adjustment of capacity in range: 3000-8000 b/h

It is a very useful function for a precise accommodation of a filling line capacity with a blow moulding machine capacity. It is required quite often to decrease or increase of machine capacity regarding the line parameters (filling speed of particular bottles etc.). Adjustment can be provided on operator’s panel.

system of fast change of moulds

Complete mould consists of two sections – 3 cavities each. Fixing is very simple and it does not require any complicated adjustment. Along with machine, there is a special handle to a fork lift truck in order to descend or to pick up moulds and their assembling into machine.

bottle positioning in exit area – enabling direct connection to air conveyor

Machine outfeed is adapted for direct connection to air conveyor (it is equipped with special handles). A special ventilator pushes out directly to air conveyor

automatic removal of preform and bottles after emergency break of machine and automatic entry into working mode

After emergency stoppage of machine, operator does not have to remove preforms out of machine by hand. Machine can be switched on at once, preforms existing inside, are thrown out and than machine automatically switches into work mode, making suitable adjustments

elimination function of deformed preforms with no any production process break

It allows for defected preforms elimination out of machine. When preforms are sometimes smashed during transport or have a factory defect – ovalization of screw, they are detected by set of graspers with positioning laser control. While such a preform is about to put on, the system indicates error and withdraws it via a special canal aside. In that time, next set of preforms is infed. All the production process is provided without any stoppage

automatic external control function of switch on or off machine, depending on filling line work

Blow moulding machine work depends on level of air conveyor filling with bottles. The work is synchronized that way, the bottles always fit the line. Switching on and off the preforms infeed, depending on bottle number in line is provided without operator’s intervention

mechanical regulator of oven level for different types of performs

Machinery enables quick height adjustment of all heating chambers at the same time; it enables thermal shields adjustment as well as height of heating lamps, depending on preform screw type

parameters’ adjustment – entirely from control console

remote service of machine via modem

internet remote control (Manager Control System)

Make possible to control machine working via internet (Manager Control System) Enable to observe or make modification on screen panel parameters via internet.